Welcome to #CafeChat ❱ For shells services, please check Https://Cafeshells.net/ ❱ Enjoy the trivia game ❱ Website is still Under Construction.

Welcome to #CafeChat

A fun filled IRC channel, which recreates ambient atmosphere of a coffeehouse, to boost your mood and make new friends!
We at CafeChat believe that everyone should have friends! What better way to foster friendships than over a crisp cuppa of conversations!
A truly global community, CafeChat brings together people from all regions, religions, hobbies and cultures.
We celebrate diversity by cherishing it together.
A hang out place for global chatters!

So, what are ya waiting for? Click the button below and enter the place where you’ll meet your next set of good friends!

Find Us On IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Search for DALnet IRC Network and join #CafeChat

Get your IRC Client here: mIRC, HexChat, WeeChatQuasselAdilIRC.


Find DALnet Server URLs Here: https://www.dal.net/servers/