#CafeChat Story

#CafeChat was founded lastly in May 28, 2011 on DALnet Chat Network. Many channel friends/Staff have come in and out at different times. Each of them has added his/her touch to manage, enhance, and develop this IRC chatting room.

Despite of all that IRC had been passing through, the condemned DDOS attacks, the rise of many social media applications, IRC is still a special place for many of us to come in and enjoy chatting.

We recently came up with a Trivia Game Bot for those who really like to work on their brains! We admit it, some bright brains are there, scoring lot of points and sometimes, having a neat competition of who’s gonna be the winner at the end of the month.

We’ve worked hard of having an IRC channel trolls-free. Yes, we suffered a lot of trolls coming in and annoying other chatters. We, all the channel staff, have been there to stop, ban or kick any troll. We will always be ready for any kind of bad behavior.

We don’t want to invite you to come in our IRC channel, but to give it a try/chance.