Don’t flood the channel with messages

Sending many messages in a short amount of time is called “flooding” the channel. Flooding the channel disrupts all conversations. Please don’t do it. 

⊗ Repeating

The good thing about IRC is that it’s text and not hearing based. People aren’t blind, they see what you are saying and repeating yourself over and over won’t help. However it may and will annoy people. If you have a question or a statement, state it once – there is no need to repeat – sooner or later someone will reply to you. As with flooding, most channels will probably ban for repeat. A good guideline would be to limit the same line beind repeated within a few minute period; people do need time to type, after all.

⊗ OP Begging

You should NEVER ask to be opped in a channel. It will nearly always result in being kicked/banned and damage future chances to become an op in that channel. If you abide by the channel guidelines and are active in the channel, you will most likely become an op eventually. This is not to say that there are any standards for getting opped, each channel has it’s own procedures for giving ops, which can range from whimsy to democracy.

⊗ Users Trolling

Trolling other users on the channel will absolutely push channel operators to kick/ban you. You’re supposed to be on IRC to get to know new people and enjoy sharing your ideas/thoughts/dialogues with others. Have a good stay and refrain from bothering other chatters.

Channel’s Language

#CafeChat is an English language channel. Please stick to it.

⊗ No Annoyance

Flooding, away messages, repeating yourself, CTCP messages, and bot abuse are not the only ways you can be annoying. Personal attacks when things don’t go as planned, other attention-seeking behavior and continued misbehaving after you’ve been asked to stop is disruptive and obnoxious. All mentioned behaviors may result your removal from the channel.

⊗ Politics/Religion Debate

“You cannot reason someone out of something he or she was not reasoned into” (Jonathan Swift, 1721).

This quotation informs as to why, when we discuss politics and religion, we can’t seem to come to an agreement. Instead, these topics usually end in arguments and anger. Afterward, most participants are more convinced than ever that their viewpoint is correct. So, whenever you feel you’re going for an argument, topic shall be closed otherwise you will end up banned from the channel.

♥ This Is What We Do ♥

We encourage individuals to share a limited amount of personal information, just enough to help us feel that you are a real person.
We advise individuals not to share too much personal information, as this is the internet after all, and there are some dangerous people out there.
Disrespect and intolerance towards other people is NOT acceptable, and will result in measures being taken against any offenders.

⇒ Disciplinary policy ⇐

Currently, our policy towards individuals who break these rules is a “Two Strike” policy.
No warning is issued as you are supposed to be aware of these rules.

The two strikes:

First offence: Being kicked from the channel one or more times.
Second offence: Either a temporary, or a permanent ban.

These actions will be taken at the discretion of the Channel Operators. You may be banned outright for breaking DALnet network policy.

⊗ Appeals

Appeals to action taken by Channel Operators may be made by Private Message only to any of the Channel Operators.


Any posts that offend in any of the ways outlined above will be treated as Spam, and the individuals responsible will be subject to action taken against them.

⊆ Your Responsibilities ⊇

You MUST keep up to date with this Users Agreement.

It will be amended from time to time, and it will be entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of any changes. Announcements will be made in the channel if there are any changes.

You MUST read all announcements posted in the channel by the Channel Operators.

These notices are posted for YOUR BENEFIT, it is entirely YOUR responsibility to read and adhere to any guidelines they outline. Your failure to read, know, or adhere to these rules will likely result in disciplinary action, since you will not be aware of the rules, or changes.


By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violating any laws.

♥ Enjoy Your Stay With Us